Best Practices

This page contains some best practices related to using TwirPHP in general. Make sure to check out the official best practices guide as well for Twirp and protobuf related practices.

Folder/Package Structure

There are three types of “resources” to consider in case of a PHP projects using TwirPHP:

  • proto files
  • generated code
  • service implementation

Following common PHP packaging practice the recommended folder structure is:

        // generated files
        // service implementation

Build tool for code generation

Make sure to properly document how the code generation works.

Even better: use some sort of build tool to collect all proto generation commands. In case of PHP, that tool can be Composer itself.

    "scripts": {
        "proto": [
            "protoc -I . --twirp_out=generated --php_out=generated proto/service.proto"
$ composer proto